The COBie Data Updater

SharePoint-ready and BIM-compliant. For every built asset, this is the better way to collect equipment data from the entire supply chain



COBie Data Updater 

Built on Microsoft Power Platform, the COBie Data Updater Power App makes it easy for any design/construction/FM team to collect and manage comprehensive manufacturer and warranty information for every single part of the built asset

Meets the latest BIM standards (e.g. ISO-19650). The collected data is exported as a comprehensive BIM-ready asset schedule (in client-friendly Excel format).

App Features:

  • Quickly find and view data for every asset in any room on any floor

  • Easily update manufacturer, model numbers and warranty details

  • Easily export comprehensive asset schedules (COBie) to enrich BIM models with ‘as built’ data

BIM4U – Our story

“You had one job!”

BIM4U provides useful, cost-effective alternatives to the feature-bloated apps that blight the AEC industry.
In essence, each BIM4U app is honed do exactly what you’ve paid for. BIM4U apps are built on widely available platforms, such as Microsoft Power Platform and PowerBI.

At BIM4U, we’re laser-focused on streamlining three kinds of digital data processes that leverage BIM, namely:

  • Create and Collate
  • Validate and Verify
  • Transform and Transfer

You don’t want lots of jobs half done. So, we focus on ensuring that each of our apps gets its ‘one job’ completely done. And to make sure we’re getting the job done, we give you 30-day ‘try before you buy’ access to our apps.

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Finally, a BIM-compliant asset data app that we can all use…and afford!

Discover why COBie Data Updater is the most cost-effective app for collecting comprehensive asset information from the entire construction/FM supply chain


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Powerful Features That Get The Job Done

Fast & Powerful

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, construction and FM suppliers can update asset records in seconds from anywhere in the world

Easily Editable

The 'mobile first' COBie Data Updater makes light work of amending 'as built' asset records

Secure Cloud Storage

COBie Data Updater is directly connected to your SharePoint site. The two-factor authentication means your data is always secure

Easy To Use

Instead of complicated menus, the COBie Data Updater is streamlined. That means your teams get the job done faster


The interface can be completely customised to your project requirement

Optimised Layout

The COBie Data Updater has undergone extensive user testing. The application will work exactly as you would want


Our Clients Love Us!

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BIM Manager

COBie Data Updater...

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Digital Design Director

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Head of BIM

COBie Data Updater...

Our features

Our Approach to App Design is Simple and Clear

For BIM4U, form follows function. We identify the key outcomes from the Construction-to-FM data transfer that our customers value most. We then set about creating apps that deliver those outcomes (that get the job done) as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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Exported data is compliant with international BIM Standards

Fully Responsive

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, construction and FM suppliers can update asset records in seconds from anywhere in the world

Editable Layout

The interface can be completely customised to your project requirement

Access The App

Access the ‘Try before you buy’ version of COBie Data Updater

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Introductory Pricing Plan

Free 30-day Demo

  • Easy Installation
  • Demo Dataset
  • Try All Features
  • -
£ 0 User/Month

5-User Pack

  • Ideal for SMEs
  • Scalable To Budget/Project
  • Email Support
  • Custom SharePoint List Set-Up - £100
£ 40 /Month

20-User Pack

  • Ideal for Larger Firms
  • Scalable To Budget/Project
  • Email Support
  • Custom SharePoint List Set-Up - £100
£ 140 /Month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is COBie data?

COBie data is .the essential O&M information about built assets that is structured to facilitate transfer to Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems. COBie stands for Construction (to) Operations Building Information Exchange. COBie is a standard import format for most of the major CAFM systems, such as Archibus, Maximo, Planon, etc. For further information on this information structure, please follow this link: There is a British Standard for COBie, which is BS-1192-4:

Why was the COBie Data Updater built on Microsoft Power Platform

We build our apps on Microsoft Power Platform because it is the premier cloud environment for building fast, easy-to-use lo-code mobile apps. Power Platform also provides tools that can seamlessly connect our apps to other proprietary and 'on-premise' systems. It's simply the best way to develop easy-to-use apps for the AEC market

For how long can I use the 'Try before you buy' version of COBie Data Updater?

Under the license agreement, you can use the 'Try before you buy' version for 30 days

How can I get support for COBie Data Updater?

Email support is available -

Who are the target customers for COBie Data Updater?

Typically, main contractors and Facilities Managers who are required to collate comprehensive asset information (e.g. manufacturers, product codes, serial numbers, warranty details, etc.) from their entire supply chain. COBie Data Updater is an easy-to-use mobile app that leverages BIM to organise and update room-by-room asset information from every supplier/subcontractor.

When should I use COBie Data Updater?

For your supply chain, the optimal time for rolling out COBie Data Updater is at the beginning of the commissioning process. The user interface makes it easy to call up a list of every piece of equipment and fixture in a particular room or in a specific work package. The supplier can then update this information with the correct manufacturer, installation date, product code, serial number and warranty details. Once updated, you can download all the data in Excel format. BIM4U provides services and support to validate the asset data and to import the data into CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) systems, like Maximo, Planon and Archibus FM

What is the professional expertise of BIM4U's team?

Collectively, BIM4U staff have been vetted and qualified by Autodesk, the global leader in BIM software. They have over thirty years experience in delivering successful built environment projects via BIM. What differentiates BIM4U is that they have developed a uniquely repeatable and scalable tools and processes for transferring asset data from construction to operations, but without the prohibitive costs associated with other software vendors.

Why aren't the major BIM and FM software vendors adopting BIM4U's approach?

The comparative size of major vendors (annual turnover, number of employees) means that they have little interest in creating apps that command a fraction of the price of their flagship products. Also, they have a vested interest in sustaining the proprietary technologies that have made them wealthy. In contrast, BIM4U's COBie Data Updater is true market disruption which is aimed at the lower tiers of construction supply chains. Typically, they are small firms that have no interest in or budget for investing heavily in construction tech.